Impaler Squad





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The Impaler Squad, led by Sybre, is the best squad Superiornatural Inc. currently has.

Squad HistoryEdit

After Sybre founded Superiornatural Inc. and began organizing squads, he decided to make a squad of his own, a #1 squad. He picked three of the most experienced members he could find and thus the Impaler Squad was born. After a few missions, Sybre picked a fresh, new but cowardly recruit named Hal, who finally proved himself on his first mission after Sybre was injured. Eventually, the squad had gone on many more adventures.

Season 2Edit

In Season 2, the squad will break up as a select squad will be formed using two members of the squad. Rodney will most likely lead a squad of his own. Nick would probably keep the Impaler Squad and lead it with Hal as a veteran member on it.



  • The Impaler Squad is named after Sybre himself, hence his name being Vlad Dracula "Sybre" the Impaler.

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